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Kyla and the Cupcakes


Title:    Kyla and the Cupcakes 
              ( Words and Music by Bill Pere)

Appears on:   "Songs For Kids Who
                          Touch the Stars"

Status:   - Released  1995

Notes:  Yes,  there really is a Kyla. The percussion track uses real cement blocks.

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Bill Pere

 Okay, I'll admit I never thought I'd be doing a "story behind the song" for this one, but it's turned into one of my top-selling songs, and folks have asked about it, so.....

Yes,  there really is a Kyla.   A  beautiful young girl (now probably a beautiful young lady...) then about 10 years old, from a small town in upstate New York.   I had made the trip out there from my New England home one July 4th weekend to visit friends.   We were watching a "Twilight Zone" marathon,  and Kyla was not very happy.  I asked her why, and it turns out that she was going through some difficult times in the life of a young child.    Later that evening,  amidst the aroma of  baking cupcakes,  I was thinking how I might cheer her up.

When I arrived home, I wrote the song,  a whimsical look at making the best out of  unpleasant situations.   I recorded it ( that's the sound of real  cement you're hearing in the percussion)  and the next time I saw Kyla,  a few months later,  I gave it to her.  She ran off to listen to it,  then asked her mom to explain what all the words meant -- and then she came over and gave me a hug.  

That was all I needed to feel that the song was a hit, and I hadn't planned to do any more with it.   But, I had an open space on the "Songs For Kids Who Touch the Stars" CD so I included the song, and when it went into digital distribution, ten years after its original release, it became one of my best-selling songs.    I guess everyone needs to keep a stiff upper lip....

One of the things I like about  the song is the variety of  interesting  rhymes, my favorite being "rocky lips"/ "Apocalypse".  And the percussion was fun to do, as I don't usually get to play cement blocks.

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