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Photo Archives: Solo Concerts, Workshops, and Ensemble Events

(Photos courtesy of LUNCH Volunteers, Rick Kemp, Roger Ryley, and CSA)




On the photos below, you can click on any thumbnail to enlarge, or you can download any of the ZIP archives.  More downloadable photo archives will be added here in the future.  To browse the extensive photo galleries from all the Chapin concerts and LUNCH events,  and more, click here for additional photos 


Bill Pere with Mark Schoenfeld
Bill Pere with Mark Schoenfeld, writer of  Broadway's Brooklyn the Musical,
 on opening night of the national tour

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Bill Pere with Dar Williams
Bill Pere with Dar Williams

Bill Pere with the Grammy and the CD Production Team

Bill Pere with Pete Seeger
Bill Pere with Pete Seeger

Bill Pere &Kay Pere with songwriting legend Jimmy Webb
Bill Pere with Jen Chapin
Bill Pere with Jen Chapin

Bill Pere with Steve Chapin
Bill Pere with the Chapin Family
Bill Pere with the Chapin Family
Bill Pere with John Braheny
Bill Pere with John Braheny
Bill Pere with Patti Austin
Bill Pere and Kay Pere with  Grammy Winner Patti  Austin
Bill Pere Receives Immmie Award
Bill is named Independent Artist of the Year, Philadelphia 2003

Bob Wurzbach presents CSA awards to Bill and colleagues

Bill Pere with Songsalive
Bill with Gilli Moon and Songsalive
Bill Pere with Nanacy Tucker
Bill Pere and Nancy Tucker
Bill Pere receives Immie Award
Bill Pere on the Cover of InterMixx Magazine
Bill Pere with Jack Hardy
Bill Pere with folk legend Jack Hardy

Bill (2nd) with Grammy-winner Michael Hopkins (r)
Bill Pere with Marci Geller
Bill Pere with Marci Geller

Bill  Pere at the Hard Rock Cafe in NY City, Accepting an Award from World Hunger Year
Bill Pere with Sheila Davis
Bill Pere with Sheila Davis

Bill Pere as CT State Troubadour at the
State Capitol

Bill Pere with CT Governor John Rowland
Bill Pere with Ann Ruckert of NARAS

Bill Pere with hit songwriter
Alan Roy Scott

Bill Pere with Steve Gillete and
Cindy Mangsen

Bill Pere  in Dallas with
Dick Gabriel of "Gary Puckett and the Union Gap" and Representative of AFM

Bill Pere and Kay Pere with radio personality (The Voice of the Huskies) Wayne Norman
Bill Pere with Pat Pattison
Bill Pere with songwriting author Pat Pattison of Berklee School of Music

Bill Pere with Paul
Cullen of Bad Company at the
SS Cape May Conference

Bill with Nashville recording artists, Mink

Bill Pere and Kay Pere withGrammy/Tony winner Melba Moore at the Hit Factory in NYC
Bill Pere with Ron Sowell
Bill Pere with Ron Sowell, Founder of the national Mountain Stage Radio Show, and the New Song Contest -- Charleston, WV
 Bill Pere with Steve Chapin at Shubert Theater
Bill Pere on stage at the Shubert Theater, with Steve Chapin, Big John Wallace, Howard Fields, and the LUNCH Ensemble

Bill Pere on the cover of the 10th Edition Indie Bible
Bill Pere on Cheerios Box
The unveiling of the special edition Cheerios Box featuring Bill Pere
as one of 10 Hunger Fighting Heroes
Bill Pere - Hard Rock Cafe, New York
Accepting an Award from World Hunger Year at the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC

Bill Pere receives Community Service Award from State Senator Cathy Cook

Bill Pere with Karen Reynolds, host of
Writers Block Radio, in Nashville

Bill presents a songwriting workshop in Knoxville, TN

Bill duscusses his book with Alex Del Zeppo of Sweetwater, the first band to play at Woodstock.

Bill and Kay Pere with Annette Conlon of Nette Radio, in
Los Angeles.



From the  Days of Vinyl  Records

Bill Pere, Cityscape

Bill Pere, Lewisburg, PA

Bill Pere, Hartford, CT

Crest of a Wave

Bill Pere at Mystic Seaport

The Violin Maker



Bill Pere and Steve Chapin
Download the photo gallery for the 2003 Ovens Park Chapin Festival
Download the Photo Gallery for this show (Harry Chapin Tribute, University of Hartford 2003)


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