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The 8 Keys to Success in the Music Business



The music industry is first and foremost a people-driven business,  Success is based on networking and personal relationships.  In taking a song from creation to realization,  there are many roles that must be filled, and skills which must be brought to bear.

Understanding how a person prefers to take in information, make decisions, and communicate with others gives you an immeasurable advantage in negotiation, selling, collaborating, and working as part of a group.

"This workshop was well beyond my expectations." -- Sioux Robbins, Songwriter

our workshop changed my life!  After perusing the website, I have an entirely new look on my music, the "craft" of writing, and my future direction. I am extremely impressed with you as a person and as a professional -- C. Decker, Songwriter, Woodbridge, NJ

"I thought I knew how to succeed, but Bill has shown me how to understand success. He really knows people and how to communicate. Great workshop!"  -- Curtis Duggan, Philadelphia, PA


Why do bands break up ?

What is really happening when there are "creative differences ?"

Why are some collaborations successful while others fail ?

What makes any relationship flourish ?

What are the key words you need to get someone to say "yes" to your proposal ?

What marketing tactics will work best for your target audience?

What kind of agent can best represent you ?

How you find the right producer ?

Why is a person drawn to a particular style of music ?

Why do some metaphors resonate with you, while others leave you cold ?

Can successful couples be successful business and artistic partners ?

What are your greatest strengths and gaps as a Writer/ Artist ?



The answers to these types of questions can be made crystal clear in a program presented by Bill Pere, using  the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) as it applies to the craft and business of music.   Bill has written several articles on the subject,  published in various music industry publications.  "Taking the Labor Out of Collaboration"  was featured in the internationally distributed  Songwriters Market book,  and was called "groundbreaking" by editor Ian Bessler.

The MBTI is the most widely used preference profiling tool in the world,  used for more than 50 years, and taken by millions of people in all types of professions.  It is amazingly accurate at describing eight essential characteristics which determine how we prefer to interact with the people and the world around us. 

Bill Pere is a qualified MBTI practitioner,  trained by the Association for Psychological Type.  With three decades of experience as a professional songwriter, performer, producer, and President of the Connecticut Songwriters Association,  Bill is uniquely suited to apply the power of MBTI preference profiling to the issues facing music professionals.

This workshop  been presented for many conferences and organizations, including

--- Independent Music Conference, Philadelphia
--- Connecticut  Songwriting and Performance Conference
--- Seattle Songwriting Workshop
--- Songsalive, Los Angeles
--- New England Musicians Expo
--- CSA Pro Workshop
--- IMC Dallas
--  Many Corporate and Educational Clients

Attendees agree that it is  an eye-opening experience. 

This is a unique opportunity to benefit from an experience which usually is not available to the general public and which can be costly to obtain privately from a trained professional.

For more see Bill's widely acclaimed songwriting book
"Songcrafters' Coloring Book: The Essential Guide to Effective and Successful Songwriting"




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