One Life to Give     words and music by Bill Pere


Nathan Hale, young hale and hardy,
We all recall the part he played in our nation's narrative...
It's a tale we can't forget  of a brave young lad with one regret
As our nation fought to live,  He had just One Life to Give...

Young Nathan Hale had outstanding years at Yale
A bright scholar, all the world within his reach...
He began to teach
When  he heard the call of freedom in his heart
Not afraid of facing dangers, became a Captain in the Rangers
This lad was patriotic in a world that was chaotic
But always he was there to do his part...  (Repeat Refrain)

His life had just begun, he was only twenty-one
George Washington had called for volunteers,
The call fell on deaf ears
They needed someone to get secret information
Young Nathan said he would, He understood
The cause of freedom had enraptured him,
Then the British captured him
He lives on in the memory of our nation... (Repeat Refrain)


Copyright Bill Pere  All rights reserved.