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All of Us, God's Children


Title:     All of Us, God's Children Appears on:   "Songs For Kids Who
                          Touch the Stars"
Status:  Released  1995
Notes:  Written for performance at the
              Special Olympics World Games
New Version recorde 2010 by Caroline Zocco

Lyrics     Listen       Bill Pere

    In the summer of 1995, the Special Olympics World Games was coming to New Haven, Connecticut.  As the Official State Troubadour at the time, it was mentioned to me that a song written specially for the occasion might be a good addition to the festivities. So I wrote "All of Us, God's Children" in one sitting, which is very unusual for me -- typically it's a few lines at a time over several days or weeks. The music and words came simultaneously, also unusual, as I almost always have music first and then fit words.

The recording was done in time to include the song as the last track on the "Songs For Kids Who Touch the Stars" CD.  I had a group of kids come over to do the backing vocals, the last time the original  LUNCH Ensemble  kids would do a recording before the next generation came on board.

On July 4, 1995, "All of Us, God's Children" was performed live at the Special Olympics World Games.  Some folks told me they saw it on TV, and there certainly were lots of  media crews there,  but I really don't know if it was actually shown or not.

The song has since been performed by other artists, and has been used in Pittsburgh, PA as a soundtrack for a video about programs for kids with special challenges.

A new version of the song has bee recorded by Caroline Zocco , winner of the 2009 Voices For  Hope program.

(Lyrics       ( listen - purchase)        Bill Pere